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Operational command and software systems for crisis management by authorities and organisations responsible for safety and security and companies with their own emergency response systems.



Cross-departmental overview, even in the most demanding situations.

We have the solutions for your operational command and control centres and crisis management teams.

  • Analysis

  • Consulting

  • Training

  • Software usage

  • Operational support

Situation control based on crisis communication

Operational command systems, software systems, operational command support


For authorities and organisations responsible for safety and security and companies with their own emergency response systems

Over 30 years of experience

Our developers are experienced in developing operational-leading systems for more than 30 years and many of our sales staff and the CEO have decades of experience as senior executives in emergency medical service, fire brigades and rescue coordination centers.
We have the knowledge you need!

CrisCom Solutions – software solutions for your safety

Comprehensive solutions for crisis management and crisis communication

Operational management for authorities and organisations responsible for safety and security such as ambulance and rescue services as well as fire brigades and companies with their own emergency response systems


Safety portal for interdisciplinary, cross-organizational common operational control


Command and control systems for public authorities and organisations with security responsibilities and aid organisations


Court-proof and tamper-proof application documentation


Crisis management and BCM for companies and industry


Safety management for events of any size


Demographic management for refugee aid work


Video management for surveillance and monitoring


Academy offering training courses for new customers and tailor-made training courses for experienced users – in-house at the customer’s premises or in special training centres for major loss simulations (e.g. TCRH)



Keep track of the situation through cross-version collaboration and get ahead of it with a common situation map, statistics and mobile apps. Security personnel and operation forces can cooperate online.



Monitoring, for example with live streaming, measurement of the flow of people, optical measurements, license plate identification etc.

Video control panel monitoring:

  • Switching of camera streams on a video matrix, including data processing

  • Synchronized display of the recordings on the situation map

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle/drone integration

  • Tracking

  • Thermal image evaluation


Safety-relevant business processes are complex in terms of the interaction of know-how, technology, organisation, administration and logistics. Commander’s certified software ergonomics support smooth system operation in day-to-day operations and events and enable intuitive operation of the entire system.



The Commander apps for iOS and Android can be installed on any modern smartphone.

A tiered licensing model differentiates between tracking, basic and plus functions.


With Mobile.Commander apps you can quickly regain the initiative and get ahead of the situation.


Keep track of the situation in the event of an emergency and optimise your day-to-day work processes with a SINGLE software package. For over 30 years, thousands of users have relied on the know-how and experience for integrated solutions for crisis management, staff work, operation  control and video management as well as on the unrivalled specialist and high-quality staff training courses.


In addition to the traditional areas of operation of public authorities and aid organisations, CrisCom Solutions are used by industry, in public spaces such as airports and railway stations, at tourist attractions and major events and in refugee aid situations.



Operation systems for fire brigades and ambulance and rescue services

FIRE Commander

Operation command and documentation for fire brigades

The operation system in appliance stores and commend vehicles for fire brigades in any deployment situation, with common overarching situation map guidance and a direct connection to the higher-level operations management and cross-organisational messaging


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RESCUE Commander

Operational command for ambulance and rescue services

The deployment system in the station, in the command vehicle, emergency tent, accident rescue point, treatment room, event location and mobile for any situation, from exploration to patient registration, transport organisation, deployment documentation to comprehensive communication and with a common situation map.


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Benefit from our experience!

Our products are developed for professionals - by professionals!

Five good reasons to choose the Commander


We have our finger on the pulse and continue to develop our systems on a daily basis.

Everything from a single source

Comprehensive solutions for events of any size.

30 years of experience

We have the knowledge that you need through our developers, who have been working in the field of digitized operations management for more than 30 years.


Our systems are designed to comply with all the relevant laws, requirements and regulations.

24 / 7 service

We provide support at your event and are available 24/7.


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