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Command systems and staff work

The all-in-one system for planning and handling major incidents,

events and emergencies

Commander is a crisis management team and command system for authorities and organisations. Thanks to its modular design, it meets all of the requirements for a high-efficiency security management system. With open interfaces and structures, the system fits into every IT. Users can precisely reproduce their “staff model”.

Thanks to its excellent ergonomics, Commander can be operated intuitively. The special data model and several fallback levels ensure safe operation even in the most difficult operating conditions and environments. Commander is suitable as a solution for local crisis management teams, networkable horizontally and vertically up to the country/state level. The system is multilingual for use in cross-border and international operations. Regulations such as DV100/102, PDV100/102, SKKM and OSSOC are implemented in the system.

Commander Cloud, which is scalable from the day-to-day operation of a fire brigade centre to the A-D management levels of all BOSs and even large crisis management operations at the state level, works both as a stationary and mobile system on various platforms without any media discontinuity. The browser-based system can be installed on CrisCom Solutions’s cloud as well as on the customer’s own intranet systems, virtual machines, local servers or mobile command notebooks.

Authorities and organisations with safety and security responsibilities use CrisCom Solutions products for crisis management and crisis prevention, e.g. for:

Large-scale emergencies of all kinds

As soon as an operations manager is no longer able to keep track of the operation on their own and wherever precise documentation of incidents is required

Large-scale emergencies of all kinds

Railway accidents, plane crashes, floods, storms, earthquakes, catastrophic fires, tunnel accidents, hazardous goods accidents, evacuations, terrorist attacks, mass shootings, killing sprees, etc.

Planned events

Large-scale events, state visits, church congresses, bird flu, epidemics, pandemics, refugee movements, smog, supply disruptions, etc.

Staff work

Operational management of major events


For example, the annual Sant'Orso fair in Aosta, Italy.

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System operation in seconds. In a crisis, every second counts. 



Shortcuts and “direct user support” can be used to access important functions in the overall system, ensuring quick operation even in stressful operating environments.



The navigator can be used to access system functions via free text search.



The last 15 functions used can be accessed in the chronology.


Crisis staffs only work as well as their crisis communications. The CrisCom Solutions communication modules significantly reduce the length of the chaos phase. The rapid and clear presentation of online information on PCs and smartphones makes all relevant data clear to managers, enabling the head of operations to hold a qualified and precise briefing or press conference at any time. without any breaks in crisis communication or loss of valuable time for data collection.

The Commander is used by many fire brigades, aid organisations, district administration offices and industrial plant fire brigades, both for operational management in large-scale emergencies, for day-to-day operations and for crisis prevention. The Operation Plan module is the ideal tool for preparing for catastrophes. It transfers the “paper files” with action plans etc. directly into Commander's digital toolbox for the head of operations. Red Cross customers use this tool for the planning team’s activities in accordance with the K regulation at district and state level.

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