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The latest operation informations

Get a comprehensive overview with Mobile.Commander

Decisions are directly dependent on the quality of the information available – and on how long this information can be made available for. If the emergency personnel on the scene are equipped with Mobile.Commander apps, the head of operations or the crisis management team can keep track of the situation in the command and control centre and are effectively there “live”.


The Commander apps for iOS and Android can be installed on any modern smartphone. To use the apps, the user must log in using the login details provided by the head of operations. A tiered licensing model differentiates between tracking, basic and plus functions.


With Mobile.Commander apps you can quickly regain the initiative and get ahead of the situation.


Convincing performance thanks to intuitive operation and an excellent range of functions:

  • Tracking: adjustable time/movement distance

  • Georeferenced photo superimposition in the situation map

  • Georeferenced voice message superimposition in the situation map

  • Georeferenced text message superimposition in the situation map

  • Find your own position (show coordinates)

  • Deadman’s switch (smartphone not moving, adjustable interval)

  • Emergency buttons (call for support to your own position)

  • Receive messages (the app can receive messages from Commander)

  • Send messages to Commander

  • Status board


No matter whether you are dealing with vehicles, rescue dog teams, or foot patrols or managers, the person in charge always keeps track by knowing the location of staff or material resources at all times.

The Mobile.Commander apps record the position even if there is no mobile network available and send it to the Commander when a connection is next established, so that routes and distances are mapped on the situation map for the head of operations.



Pictures taken with the app are georeferenced and displayed on the situation map, so that an objective assessment of events can be made at any time in a matter of seconds, even if you are far away from the scene of the incident.



Do operation forces need support during a major incident? At the push of a button, the request is georeferenced and detected as an alarm directly in the command and control centre, and displayed and dispatched on the situation map, so that support staff can be sent directly to the location of the incident without losing any time.

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