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* Price per Number CUL (Simultaneous Users)

For all ambulance and rescue services on the level of

  • local associations,

  • district associations &

  • regional associations


Adapted for the ASB, mountain rescue, Red Cross (DRK/BRK), DLRG, JUH, MHD, national Red Cross and Red Crescent associations worldwide, water rescue services


Upgrades and interfaces to other systems

Commander tear-off stub monitoring

Patient wristbands with tear-off stub

Full integration into the software

Accurate monitoring of patient numbers

Can be uses as an MAIP system

Legally binding documentation

Suitable for

Rescue services for ambulance services

Regular rescue service for fire brigades and rescue services

Fire brigades for “marking/secured counting” of victims

Police forces for “marking” victims to be treated

Current status – no tear-off stub monitoring


During the deployment, the care provided by the mobile teams is incomplete. We experience the problem during every deployment (city festivals, sporting events, musical events). It is impossible to provide reliable information on the number of patients currently being treated and their care, and it is impossible to make a legally binding assessment.


There is no quick way of quickly marking victims in cases of exceptional large-scale emergencies (e.g. mass shootings) with directly affected victims, which would allow rescue services to identify the individuals they need to attend to and victims without visible injuries are easily overlooked.


Firefighters search for missing persons in inaccessible areas. Exercises have repeatedly shown that people are repeatedly reported by radio, which can have catastrophic consequences.


In the case of escalating situations, there is no viable way of “converting” to MAIP and continuing to work seamlessly.

Benefits of Commander tear-off stub monitoring

  • The care provided at accident rescue points is immediately recorded using Commander by putting on the patient wristband and passing the tear-off stub on for it to be recorded.

  • Mobile teams and helpers assign the wristbands and transmit the wristband number to the command vehicle or to an accident assistance centre by radio (depending on the operational manager’s requirements).

  • The centralised and distributed recording of patient wristbands (supplemented by defined minimum patient information) means that the emergency services have immediate access to the actual numbers of patients and their care at all times, and they are also documented in a legally binding way.

  • The patient wristbands in conjunction with Commander can simply be used as a MAIP system that is invisible to those in the vicinity, but the necessary steps for the helpers are immediately identifiable using Commander. The wristbands are also available in various triage colours and, if required, with customer-specific printing.

  • Evaluations and lists for checking the tear-off stubs

- List of all tear-off stubs with the supplying helpers/teams

- List of all helpers and teams with the tear-off stub numbers

  • To facilitate quick inspection of the tear-off stubs, it also emits an acoustic signal, checks if the patient still needs to be entered in the system and creates a patient data record immediately, if not. Meanwhile, the helper is standing in front of the person who entered the data, so that information such as the location where the patient was found, etc. can be clarified immediately, thus avoiding subsequent investigations.

  • A special function allows number ranges to be precisely defined for a deployment, in which case other numbers are not accepted by the system for the current deployment.


Process of Commander tear-off stub monitoring

  1. Consecutively numbered patient wristbands are handed out to the helpers/teams at the beginning of the deployment, or the helpers always have a contingent of patient wristbands numbered consecutively in their rescue jackets.

  2. A new patient wristband is put on each new patient, the tear-off stub stays with the helper. In the event of minor instances of care provision, it is not necessary to put them on, but the tear-off stub is still removed from the wristband and communicated by radio.

  3. For critical deployments, you can define precisely which number ranges are valid.

  4. The number is transmitted to the central registration point via radio with the previously specified information (medical history, measures taken, location, sex, etc.), so that the command and control centre is always up to date with the real number. Accident support centres record the data themselves directly.

  5. After the teams and helpers return, the tear-off stubs are scanned (or entered) and verified, and any incomplete information is detected and immediately recorded with the helper/team using the new “Commander Demolition Control” function, which is integrated in the Patient Management module and provided to customers free of charge as part of the care contract.

  6. Special lists and evaluations immediately provide an overview of the completeness and serve as an overview for the operations manager and for follow-up of the deployment/paramedic monitoring service.




Commander patient wristband with tear-off stub and printed barcode and number

  • Specially manufactured Commander Tyvek patient wristbands (tear-resistant)

  • Consecutively numbered barcodes on wristband and on tear-off stub for helpers

  • Tear-off stub with barcode and number for Commander tear-off stub monitoring

  • Commander function tear-off stub monitoring for direct assignment of patient wristband and helper/helper team with integrated monitoring for completeness and number range restriction

  • Number of units per package 250 pcs

  • Price incl. postage and packaging

1 set  40,00 € net


We wish to order the number of sets of patient wristbands (in batches of 250) with tear-off stubs for Commander with tear-off monitoring specified on the form for €40.00 plus VAT per set of 250 (free delivery).

Buy on account.

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