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As a pioneer and visionary, we ensure tailor-made safety management

Our never-ending curiosity for innovative technologies is the main reason for the continuous development of practice-oriented software modules for industry, public institutions and aid organizations. With our many years of experience in our development department in process optimization, we develop solutions for operational management, communication, operational command and video surveillance.


Prevention is a top priority alongside providing support to decision-makers and operation forces during operations. With the Commander, CrisCom Solutions offers users the ability to assess situations even before they reach a critical phase, thus allowing targeted control of operation forces. Our close system partnership with our customers guarantees the highest level of safety and security for people and infrastructure.

CrisCom Solutions offers extensive documentation and control tools in addition to the relevant functions for controlling operations and teams. In addition to archiving the data, the relevant data can be supplied to decision-makers and responsible functions such as hierarchical and senior management levels, communication and press officers in real time – without requiring any additional effort on the part of the operation forces involved.






Here at CrisCom Solutions, we focus on safety, because ultimately it is people who use our services, whether in large-scale emergencies, incidents of all kinds or in day-to-day business, which is why we demand the highest quality from our systems and ourselves. You can rely on us, any time, around the clock.



We are constantly involved in customer deployments and our team members are also active in management positions in crisis staffs. You can only offer high-performance solutions if you understand the requirements and live them yourself.

We are able to implement your projects in a focused manner, from the question of availability and feasibility to planning and implementation, thanks to ongoing contact with you, thus creating transparency for all parties involved and providing stimuli for new technologies.




The subject of command and control systems never stands still. Every day, it is confronted with new requirements in terms of technology, economy and, above all, ergonomic operability, and demands holistic solution concepts.

On the one hand, we draw on our large knowledge pool, and, on the other hand, we are in constant contact with our customers, including via our deployment team.

It is only thanks to our constant curiosity and openness for new technologies and processes that allows us to act in a farsighted and forward-looking way.



Compliance with applicable laws, specifications, standards and guidelines is something we take for granted.

CrisCom Solutions assumes responsibility towards its customers and business partners, is honest and meets the requirements of ethically sound and legally compliant conduct.

In a well-managed company it is usually not the case that on single person can say that I did this or that. In such a company there has to be cooperation, one builds up on the other. (Robert Bosch)
The CrisCom Solutions team are our employees in Pleidelsheim, a decentralized sales and freelancers nationwide. The software development is managed from the headquarters and if necessary supported by external development-teams for module development. The freelancers mainly come from the authorities and organizations with safety tasks and primarily provide advice in the area of development, in beta-testing before the release of new updates/upgrades and in sales. We would like to briefly introduce the main actors with whom our customers usually deal:  
Find out for yourself about our cloud-based software systems, on the one hand for the crisis management of BOS and aid organisations and on the other hand for the BCM of industry and companies.

As the CEO of CrisCom Solutions GmbH, Björn Vetter has many years of experience in both the voluntary and full-time sectors at various levels of the German Red Cross (DRK). As an experienced disaster manager and former head of department of the DRK Baden-Württemberg, he has been running the company since 2017.


“Our R&D department has expanded and our sales team, which has also grown, enables us to maintain even closer customer contact with you on site. In addition to our Commander software product range for operational command and control centres and crisis management teams of authorities and organisations with safety and security responsibilities, we offer you tailor-made training courses, either centralised or locally as in-house training at the your premises.

We are experts in crisis communication and operations management and develop solutions specifically tailored to meet your needs.”

Authorized Signatory, Project Manager & Director of Training
We have also grown in the area of training in recent years, with the event area a new market opens for us, which benefits all of our customers.

Alexandra Geckeler passed her master's degree (M.Ed.) in 2019 and afterwards relieved the CEO of project management for special projects besides the authorities and organizations with safety tasks, e.g. in the areas of major events and visitor safety. For the purpose, she received procuration.


She is also responsible for our CrisCom-Academy with its wide range of educational offerings, starting with product trainings (Basic/Advanced/Admin) and specific leader-training to staff training - with or without leading-softwaresystems. 

Product Manager & Head of Development
I am delighted to be able to contribute my experience and expertise to provide our customers with optimal solutions!

Ulrich Ditsch became product manager & head of development in 2020. He previously worked for CrisCom for two years. By working with the development teams and participating in research projects, he is at home in the Commander-software. He has been working intensively on IT- and telecommunication-projects for more than 5 years and has a management qualification in disaster and civil protection. He is active there as a volunteer-leader. Thanks to the training series at the national academy for disaster protection and emergency aid (AKNZ), staff work is not stranger to him, as he has many years of experience as a specialist consultant in staffs. He has known the commander-software from the user side since 2011 before he joined CrisCom Solutions.

Sales authorities and organizations with safety tasks
I come from the base of disaster protection, so I enjoy the direct customer contact! I am happy to assist you with questions and advice! Call me: +49 7144 / 1603156

Philipp Michel is the main point of contact for our sales to authorities and organizations with safety tasks. Due to his many years of work in the emergency medical services, in the federal agency of technical relief and the fire brigade, currently as volunteer leader of the telecommunication unit of his home district and for many years as a dispatcher in crossregional rescue coordination center, he knows our customers like no other. Anyone who has already got to know him knows his creative solutions and his open mind for customer concerns at all times.

He is also active in the area of product management and product training and he is responsible for the regular user meetings.

Customer Service & support
I don't come directly from the authorities and organizations with safety tasks, but the area of activity is fascinating! The Commander is a great software with many possibilities. What we have planned for the next time is absolutely exciting!

Patrick Kottlorz, the patient soul in the background, who is always available to answer user questions, is a trainee for IT-specialist for system integration in the last year of his training. He completes our support and service team and we hope that he will stay with us after completing his education. He knows the Commander very well ans always brings in very valuable impulses to the development.

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